Take Action

Taking Action to Fulfill the promise

For a quarter century, Milwaukee’s public schools have been scapegoated as the main source of our City’s problems.

We all know that our public schools can, and must, do a better job educating all children. But we must never forget that the Milwaukee Public Schools remains the only education institution in this city with the capacity, the commitment, and the legal obligation to educate all children.

Schools and Communities United is calling for community-wide action on the following:

  • Dismantle segregation in our metropolitan region
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Expand, not suppress, voting rights
  • Stop the privatization of public education
  • More teaching, less testing
  • Smaller class sizes, with increased funding for the SAGE program
  • Full-day early childhood education, beginning at K3
  • In-state tuition for all graduates of a Wisconsin high School


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