NO Takeover of MPS

WE SAY NO Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools!

Here’s why we OPPOSE the MPS takeover:

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    School takeovers create more inequality. Privately run charter and voucher schools serve fewer students with special needs and fewer English language learners.

  • Handing public schools over to privately run voucher or charter schools won’t help students – especially those with the greatest needs.
  • Turning public schools into private schools does not guarantee better student outcomes. In Milwaukee, voucher schools have been around for 25 years, and they perform no better than public schools. Takeover zones have contributed to economic decline in New Orleans, Memphis and Detroit.
  • Parents and community members want local control of our schools. We want schools to be accountable to the elected school board.
  • Changes in governance will not provide the needed resources or support that students need.
  • County Executive Chris Abele should NOT be appointed to take over schools. He was not elected to run our schools, and he has no experience running schools.

What you can do right now:

– Share the alarming details of the Darling K-12 Omnibus.

– Sign the petition to STOP the takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools

– Attend an upcoming event to defend our schools

– Tell County Executive Abele NO: 414-278-4211


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